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The Real Impacts of EPA’s Clean Power Plan

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Low-cost, reliable electricity from coal powers households and businesses across America. Regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, however, will jeopardize our access to affordable power and will cause electricity prices to skyrocket.

What Does EPA's Plan Mean to Your Home State?

Coal is one of this nation's dominant sources of energy. Click on your state to see its electricity portfolio, how it's affected by energy policy, and the people raising their voices to protect affordable coal-based electricity.


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.@Laura_A_Sheehan: any decision that further restricts access to affordable power must be followed by an explanation //

@AmericasPower | 11h

#EPA must realize our nation’s coal miners are more than just a number. Meet #AL miners who lost their job bc of EPA //

@AmericasPower | 13h

At a time when millions struggle to pay their electric bill, we cannot restrict access to #affordable #electricity. //

@AmericasPower | 17h

It is more important than ever that we use America’s abundant resources to address our nation’s most pressing issues //

@AmericasPower | 19h

#Coal-Based #Electricity Helps Cash-Strapped Families Keep the Lights On. via @Laura_A_Sheehan //

@AmericasPower | 1d

If all retiring #coal units were replaced w/ solar, it'd take >1M acres to produce the #power we need //

@AmericasPower | 1d

"#EPA's Power Plan is nothing more than a ‘Power Grab’ to give gov't more control over Americans’ daily lives." //

@AmericasPower | 1d

RT @World_Coal_Mag: .@USRepGaryPalmer speaks out for #Alabama #coal miners who have been affected by #EPA regulations: //

@AmericasPower | 1d